Autumn compositions

Driving home in the afternoon light with the trees in full on autumn splendor I can’t help but dream of painting a changing leaf composition.  That is one of the things I dread about painting, the set up.  I noticed that I can spend so much time on the set up that I don’t have time/light left to paint!

I  want to collect leaves, arrange them against or upon a vintage handkerchief , and start painting.  I know that once I remove the dice and the silver cup from my painting area I will need to ‘abandon’ that painting.

“Art is never finished only abandoned,”  attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.  I am not satisfied with the reflection on the dice but sometimes you just need to set up another composition?  The leaves are too spectacular not to?  If I continue with this series of crimson paintings can I forgive myself for NOT including the crimson maple leaves?  Dice are plastic.  I should be able to recreate the composition, right?

Thanks for reading my musings.

My best,
Emily Warren

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