Update a month after my mentoring session

I think this is 4 weeks after my mentoring session with one of my favorite artists, Abbey Ryan.  She is amazing in every way.  She gave me helpful suggestions that she asked me to try for 8-12 weeks.  Well, it’s been 4 weeks and WOW.  I  feel I have grown as an artist.  I can’t wait to have another mentoring session at the end of the 12 weeks.  Here is a shot of  the four paintings I have completed (are the ever complete?) since my session:


I can see a difference and I like the difference!  I should post a before picture.  I will save that until the end of the 12 weeks.

Thanks for reading.

My best,
Emily Warren

Published by Art Belongs to Everyone

The work is inspired by an engagement with play and making peace with uncertainty. I work experimentally, using a digital video to explore painting. I use sound and moving images in non-traditional ways to reverse expectations of horror and comedy. I am drawn to the whimsical nature of self-discovery. I construct repeating narratives, often depicting varying scenarios of serenity, silliness, and reflection.

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