I didn’t have to work today because it’s super Tuesday. So my daughter and I went to visit my parents. We had a lovely lunch and then we went on an adventure.  We rode around the back roads admiring the autumn foliage.  The leaves were magnificent.  I also scoured my parents house for things to paint.  They go antiquing often and we ‘jokingly’ say their home looks like a Cracker Barrel restaurant.  I brought back a vintage wooden coca-cola crate and an old buyer mold.

Besides admiring the autumn color we stopped by a Mennonite grocery store.  They sell all sorts of goodies including old fashioned candy.  I got some red and white peppermint sticks and some salt water taffy.  I hope to set this up in a composition in the next few days.

It is always great fun to visit the family but it’s a long drive.  I am too tired to focus on the elections results.  When I am too tired to paint the last thing I want to do it think about politics. 🙃

Hope you got a chance to vote. IMG_3307

My best,
Emily Warren

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