So…I have been working on this painting for longer than most.  I still don’t like it, but I WANT to like it.  I can’t decide if I should start over because I love the idea of this painting.  I like the composition, the colors, and the concept.  What I don’t love: the rendering if the dice.  I also think I over blended the metallic elements of the cup.  After much deliberation and reflection I think I will scrap this one and start again. The horrors!  Not really.  My goal is to have paintings that I really like.  Paintings that I want to gaze upon.  This one…well, I constantly see things to correct.  Art isn’t a roll of the dice.  DSC_0641

This place is a safe place to share and discuss the process of making art.  So all comments are welcome.

Thank you for being kind.

My best,
Emily Warren

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