Sometimes a change in scenery can lead to a creative burst or a new way of looking at things.  This weekend brought a change of scenery for me.  I got to spend some time doing all the things I love.  I went for a little hike with my love, decorated for the holidays, cuddled up watching movies with my family, and went to a remodeled museum.  

We were cuddled up on the couch watching holiday when I decided to rethink a painting composition.  I grabbed the popcorn and the peppermint sticks.  For about a week I had been looking at a composition with the peppermint sticks and a silver cup. Not loving the composition I didn’t feel pressed to paint.  

I set up a second option I had tossing around in my mind, an espresso cup, saucer, and a stovetop espresso pot.  This composition presented me with a visual puzzle.  The handle on the espresso pot is black. I wanted to paint it against a black background.  Visual problem.  Well, I solved that problem by not painting it! lol  This is what I decided to work on instead.

Espresso yourself #workinprogress 12×12 oil on wood

There is still work to be done but I needed a little break.  Thank you so much for following me painting journey.

My best,

Emily Warren

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