Most folks in the US will tell you that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. It is mine too.  In Tennessee the weather is usually mild, the leaves are blowing around, and the food is delicious.  Family time is to be cherished and/or dreaded.  Then, there is the next best holiday, Black Friday.  This is officially for shopping but it is also when we can throw ourselves wholeheartedly into all things Christmas. Decorations, music, movies, peppermint mocha, and holiday baking.  The holiday season is official after Thanksgiving.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to include some festive decorations into your artwork! I worked on this little derpie nutcracker today.   I still have a lot of details to add.  I am still using too much oil.  Because when I got home from my hike, dinner, and a movie his face melted a bit.  I will continue to work on a balance of oil to paint ratio.

Until then,  I hope this work in progress brings your pleasure.

Nutcracker oil on wood 12 x 12

My best,
Emily Warren

Published by Art Belongs to Everyone

Remember Reflect Reform In this work, I have been exploring phenomena of memory augmentation. I experimented with reflections and cinematic images by juxtaposing photographs, paint, wood, and mylar. The direction of the work includes painting intimate, reflective, observations of augmented memories.  I began by building a cabinet of curiosities as a way to form a tableau painting and experiment with different media. Inspired by the relief paintings by artist Sally Han, I built a model of a Victorian cabinet using tenets of Darwin's theory of evolution. I painted on a variety of surfaces including wood, photographs, and adding raw lumber to the pieces. In this process, I disassembled the cabinet to give autonomy to each piece. Although I diverted from the original idea of a final installation, there was an impulse to paint larger. Adding mylar was yet another way to accentuate reflection as a part of the critical dialogue with the work. The final result offers an opportunity to remember, reflect, and reform.

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