Sometimes try as we might, a painting isn’t what we hoped.  I had a feeling that this painting wouldn’t be my favorite.  I didn’t feel well yesterday and today even after going for a lovely walk in the forrest I couldn’t shake the blues.

I tried a couple of compositions but I didn’t love them.  I made a delicious meal.  I tried a couple more compositions.  Didn’t love them.  I watched a movie.  Then I decided to throw all reservation to the wind.   I painted this:

Seeing it now I can see things about it that I like and things I dislike.  When I began this painting I decided to focus on making the wood look more realistic.  I like the progression of wood grain.  Maybe tomorrow I will like the painting more.  Or maybe I won’t.  And that’s OK.

I enjoy the practice of painting even when the painting doesn’t thrill me in the end.  It’s about the practice, the process of painting.

My best,
Emily Warren

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