Tiny Desk Studio

Today I completed the final step from my mentoring session. I set up a permanent place to paint. Painting in my kitchen was not ideal for many reasons but after making the changes to my palette (simplifying mostly) and changes to my brush load (another simplification) it was time to make the final change.

A permanent studio space! I love it.

Yes, it is small and there will be modifications, I am certain. I LOVE the improvements that resulted from the brush and palette changes. I can not wait to watch my painting practice improve with my new space. I love my little permanent space. I look forward to the light streaming in through the adjacent bay window. I hope to capture the illumination first thing in the morning.

I have been planning this move since October. I knew then that the change would come but I decided to wait until after the holiday hoopla subsided. Normally, I leave the tree up until at least January 2nd. This year I couldn’t wait to remove it so that I could get this new studio space ready.

Thank you for reading and sharing in my tiny desk studio.

My best,
Emily Warren


Published by Art Belongs to Everyone

The work is inspired by an engagement with play and making peace with uncertainty. I work experimentally, using a digital video to explore painting. I use sound and moving images in non-traditional ways to reverse expectations of horror and comedy. I am drawn to the whimsical nature of self-discovery. I construct repeating narratives, often depicting varying scenarios of serenity, silliness, and reflection.

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