Feeling like it was time, as my new studio space is all set up, I moved on from crimson and red paintings to orange.

The first rendezvous with orange was a steaming hot disaster. I am too embarrassed to show you…trust me it was BAD.

So, I decided to step back and paint something I know and love fruit. Because orange comes next on the color-wave spectrum I started with basic orange. Good times. I dislike orange in so many ways. I believe the color is my least favorite. I dont know if it is because I live here in TN, the Volunteer state. The UT (university of Tennessee) colors are orange and white. Considering my lack of sport and not attending UT, I never got behind orange the way my neighbors and loved ones have.

But, for this painting process I am going for it. Full on orange. Here is the work in progress:

Work in Progress

Thank you so much for following my painting journey and thank you for overlooking my painting mess.

My best,
Emily Warren


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