Details can separate a realistic render from an impressionistic one, but how much is too much? Should the brush strokes be visible? These questions are surfacing in my recent painting practice.

I have been on a mission, since October, to simplify my painting process. My hope is to produce a cohesive series following the color spectrum. I started with red. Now I am on orange. I am learning about my practice and encountering new challenges.

My most recent challenge: how many details should I include? How does a cross hatch suffice instead of a hyper realistic depiction? Should my brushstrokes be visible? How will I answer these questions?

Squeaky Clean, 12 x 12 oil on panel (work in progress)

The bath poof / soap painting is not complete but much like the pencil painting I distanced myself from the work. I don’t love orange but I want to continue my series. My hope is that by using the powers of distancing and perseverance I can grow in my practice. Isn’t stretching yourself fun!

My best,
Emily Warren

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