Books, Belle Meade, and oil paint

I have a stack of books to read as I prepare form summer residency and more in the mail! The only things I love as much as paint are books and booze. LOL

Geeking out on my reading list!

Jay and I went to the Belle Meade Mansion. I have lived in the area most of my life but never managed to tour the place. We had a coupon. It was hot (87 F) and the mansion tour was completely booked, so we did the new Jubilee Tour. This tour is about the enslaved people who lived and worked on the property. Little is known of the 130 people who lived on the horse breeding farm, but there were several clues that were interesting and sad. Included in the tour is a wine tasting. Jay bought a bottle of muscadine wine, my favorite!

I like that we can still find stimulating things to do even though we have lived in Nashville, forever. I also worked a little more on this painting. I like how the translucent bottle is shaping up. The lettering is slow to come together and the baby face is a yet to be complete. Slow and steady…

Oddities and Curiosities, 12×12 inches, oil on wood

Thank you for ready about my passion.

My best,
Emily Warren

Published by Art Belongs to Everyone

The work is inspired by an engagement with play and making peace with uncertainty. I work experimentally, using a digital video to explore painting. I use sound and moving images in non-traditional ways to reverse expectations of horror and comedy. I am drawn to the whimsical nature of self-discovery. I construct repeating narratives, often depicting varying scenarios of serenity, silliness, and reflection.

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