I did it. I submitted the proposal for my visual culture project for my first semester at Vermont College of Fine Arts. I am thrilled to finally begin this journey. I have wanted to work toward an MFA in Visual Art for so long, I can’t remember a time when the idea wasn’t bouncing around in my mind. My journey has begun…

Self actualization is a one of the six basic concepts that shape this Visual Art MFA program. I could talk at length about the value and implications of searching for self actualization but that’s for another post. I feel like I have found my home. I will be working with local artist, Vesna Pavlovic, for my first semester. Please take a look at her CV. Besides being an amazing artist she is also a professor in the Department of Art at Vanderbilt University. I get to go to her studio in less than a month.

I’ve already made a friend in my cohort. We spend more and more time chatting over dm’s about everything from different artists we love to how much coffee we drink. We’ve covered everything from use of mediums in painting to the use of air conditioning in various US locations. We’ve talked about the personality of artists and movies about gallery stereotypes. I can’t wait to meet in person continue discussing art and art making. I doubt any of us will get a lot of sleep during the residency. I know our conversations will be a valuable part of the MFA.

I am still solidifying exactly which paintings I will take for the critique portion of the residency. I would love feedback on which paintings to take. My plan is to show 4 experimental pieces.

These are the latest of the experimental pieces I think about taking…but I am also working on at least 2 more experimental things. I hope to get feedback from Vesna on which things to take for the critiques.

I greatly appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks again for following my art process.

My best,
Emily Warren


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