I listed this painting for sale on my saatchi site.  I will probably put it for auction on eBay when it is dry enough to ship. This iconic pin cushion represents femininity to me. One popular design—a tomato with a strawberry attached—was possibly introduced during the Victorian Era. According to folklore, placing a tomato onContinue reading “Femininity”

Beautiful day for an adventure

I didn’t have to work today because it’s super Tuesday. So my daughter and I went to visit my parents. We had a lovely lunch and then we went on an adventure.  We rode around the back roads admiring the autumn foliage.  The leaves were magnificent.  I also scoured my parents house for things toContinue reading “Beautiful day for an adventure”

Everyday things

Today I worked on a painting of a pincushion and thread.  I decided to paint the it a week ago, maybe longer.  I wanted to changed the wood bock that I use to set up my compositions.  I do this so that the subject isn’t floating in space. Anyway, I spent time a long searchingContinue reading “Everyday things”

Autumn compositions

Driving home in the afternoon light with the trees in full on autumn splendor I can’t help but dream of painting a changing leaf composition.  That is one of the things I dread about painting, the set up.  I noticed that I can spend so much time on the set up that I don’t haveContinue reading “Autumn compositions”

Update a month after my mentoring session

I think this is 4 weeks after my mentoring session with one of my favorite artists, Abbey Ryan.  She is amazing in every way.  She gave me helpful suggestions that she asked me to try for 8-12 weeks.  Well, it’s been 4 weeks and WOW.  I  feel I have grown as an artist.  I can’tContinue reading “Update a month after my mentoring session”