The devil’s in the details

I am trying to work out all the details for my residency and kicking off the up coming school year for my students. So much planning and so much happening simultaneously. The devil’s in the details.

Detail from a painting I did in May. I love painting translucent things. I found this bottle at a junk shop. I love how the light reflects and refracts off the bottle. Details.

I have been reading to prepare for my residency (seriously, I don’t want to appear as totally clueless as truly I am to discuss art). Admittedly, the reading is slow going. I still have to decide on between 10-15 images to take on a thumb drive to present to all the faculty and my peers. This makes me cringe everything I think of it! Also, I have to figure out what 4 wet paintings I want to pack to show for the critique portion of the residency. This really causes the sweat to drip. I submitted my exhibition plan a few weeks ago. No turning back now.

As for teaching in the fall my room is almost ready. I still have to take in the plants and animals that reside there the other 10 months of the year. My colleague helped me prepare my classroom layout in a different way this year. I am so pleased with this new arrangement. I still have many loose ends to tie up before school starts. The seating charts, the notecards, posters, and decorations. I could go on and on. So many details.

I did make a couple of fun posters for my science class. I hope I can get them printed and in poster frames before school starts. So silly but totally aligned to the state biology standards.

That being said I am ashamed to admit I haven’t painted much lately. I have still been creating but mostly digit work. Here is a sampling of some of the my latest creations in PhotoShop. I am the must proud of the logo for the jr. Audubon Society of Clarksville, Official Pollinator Pal. So fun!

Thank you so much for following my art progress.

My best,
Emily Warren

New painting

I started a new painting. I love starting something new. It’s completely exhilarating. I love solving visual problems. it’s the finishing of a painting that isn’t as fun. Knowing when to add more paint and when to stop is a delicate balance.

Small, Medium, Large, 12×12, oil on panel work in progress

This painting is NOT finished. I also love to paint shiny things. My daughter and I like to joke about it. It’s nice to paint without being serious. Art progress is a process and that process is obsessively fun.

I’ve also been tackling my reading list for my MFA. Love John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. This text has given me so many insights. I plan to use the text to help me teach my first Visual Art I class this fall.

Thank you for following along with me in my art journey.

My best,
Emily Warren

Visual Culture project

I did it. I submitted the proposal for my visual culture project for my first semester at Vermont College of Fine Arts. I am thrilled to finally begin this journey. I have wanted to work toward an MFA in Visual Art for so long, I can’t remember a time when the idea wasn’t bouncing around in my mind. My journey has begun…

Self actualization is a one of the six basic concepts that shape this Visual Art MFA program. I could talk at length about the value and implications of searching for self actualization but that’s for another post. I feel like I have found my home. I will be working with local artist, Vesna Pavlovic, for my first semester. Please take a look at her CV. Besides being an amazing artist she is also a professor in the Department of Art at Vanderbilt University. I get to go to her studio in less than a month.

I’ve already made a friend in my cohort. We spend more and more time chatting over dm’s about everything from different artists we love to how much coffee we drink. We’ve covered everything from use of mediums in painting to the use of air conditioning in various US locations. We’ve talked about the personality of artists and movies about gallery stereotypes. I can’t wait to meet in person continue discussing art and art making. I doubt any of us will get a lot of sleep during the residency. I know our conversations will be a valuable part of the MFA.

I am still solidifying exactly which paintings I will take for the critique portion of the residency. I would love feedback on which paintings to take. My plan is to show 4 experimental pieces.

These are the latest of the experimental pieces I think about taking…but I am also working on at least 2 more experimental things. I hope to get feedback from Vesna on which things to take for the critiques.

I greatly appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks again for following my art process.

My best,
Emily Warren

Science Posters

This past week I had science teacher training. I also joined another PhotoShop daily creative challenge. Inspired by the training, I decided to use the Photoshop challenge to create some science inspired posters. My colleague and I laughed a little too much while we planned ideas for silly science posters.

These do not begin to cover the high school biology standards but I had a lot of fun creating them. I hope I can find the time to work on a few more, at least one per unit. So silly but sometimes silly is best when teaching concepts to teens.

Thanks for following my art process. If you want to check out my other digital design stuff please follow me on bechance profile or adobe portfolio. Thanks again!

My best,
Emily Warren

Digital Design

I have been following along with the PhotoShop Daily creative challenges this month. I did a challenge with VooDooVal in the past and had a lot of fun. She is an amazing digital designer and a great teacher. She hosted a Ps challenge earlier this month about creating movie posters. Yesterday, I began a challenge with Kathleen Illustrated. She calls it Camp Photoshop. I love these challenges. I usually can’t participate because of my workload…but bring on Summer Vacay!

Here are some of the challenges we worked on this month:

If you are interested in participating please join us on Behance. You can follow some awesome illustrators and graphic designers there too. There is so much inspiration there daily. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for following me and my art process.

My best,
Emily Warren

Painting Modesty

Working on a new painting. This one is 12×12 inch oil on panel of a white sheet, a speculum, and a conch shell.

Modesty, work in progress 12×12 inch, oil on panel

I had the idea to paint a speculum a few weeks ago. Last week I painted a conch shell wrapping shrink wrap. Painting the shell was challenging . I thought I would paint it again this time with the speculum.

I still have many details to add. I think I need to let it dry for a few days first.

Thank you for reading about my painting process.

My best,
Emily Warren

Painting cellophane

After long week of mostly reading, I finally sat down at the easel and began this painting. It is a conch covered in cellophane. It is a metaphor for the oceans being filled with plastic. It may be a new series. Painting cellophane is not easy. I had to remind myself that painting is about seeing, really looking at the subject.

WORK IN PROGRESS: From a sea of plastic you were taken and to plastic you return, 12X12, oil on panel.

Here are some earlier pictures of the workin progress.

I love painting translucent and transparent still lives, but cellophane is tricky. If you have any tips or tricks about painting it, please share!

Thank you for reading about my painting process.

My best,
Emily Warren

Art conversations

Today was a great day for art conversations. I had a conference call about my summer residency. My questions were answered. The call also stimulated some questions for the next residency conversation. I also began a new painting.

Battered doll with toy iron, work in progress.

The piece is in the earliest stage. I simply blocked in the large areas of color. I didn’t work on the eyes or the details of the cord for the toy iron. I will let this under painting dry for a day or so and then go in and add detail to the hair, eyes, etc.

I think I will continue painting dolls for a bit as painting them is good practice for painting portraits. Thank you for reading about my painting process.

My best,
Emily Warren

Lighting experiment

I set up a new composition with a new lighting scenario. Because I love the old masters and the contrasting lights and darks, I wanted to experiment with higher contrasts in my lighting situation. Also, this skull has been on my list of things to paint for months.

The green participation ribbon has been in my classroom since before winter break. There were two ribbons. Someone, or multiple people, taped them to a cabinet. I left the ribbons hoping someone would collect them and honor them. That day never came. As I was cleaning the room for summer break I almost tossed this ribbon out with the rest of the forgotten classroom relics. I looked at it alone in the trash basket and decided to rescue it by painting it.

work in progress, 12×12, oil on panel

I took this photo with artificial lighting. There are lots of details to finish and I have a lot of sculpting to do on the skull. I am happy with the way it’s shaping up. I lit this with a single light source from the left. I need a lot more contrast to make this look like the photo below, but I will get there. The most difficult part is seeing the paint as I mix it. With limit light it’s difficult to determine if the paint color is correct. Challenge! undefined

Thank you for following along with me in my painting adventures.

My best,
Emily Warren

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