Books, Belle Meade, and oil paint

I have a stack of books to read as I prepare form summer residency and more in the mail! The only things I love as much as paint are books and booze. LOL Jay and I went to the Belle Meade Mansion. I have lived in the area most of my life but never managedContinue reading “Books, Belle Meade, and oil paint”

Lesson learned in yellow

Mellow yellow. I learned some new things this weekend painting in yellow. I have always struggled with the ‘fat over lean’ thing. In foundation year painting classes I don’t remember ANYONE discussing it, but, I only really remember painting in foundation year painting. Painting a lot and all the time. Maybe I missed the discussion.Continue reading “Lesson learned in yellow”


Most folks in the US will tell you that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. It is mine too.  In Tennessee the weather is usually mild, the leaves are blowing around, and the food is delicious.  Family time is to be cherished and/or dreaded.  Then, there is the next best holiday, Black Friday.  This is officiallyContinue reading “Thanks”

Old Holland Oil Colors

When I first started painting I used the cheapest paints I could afford. I had a list of colors I was supposed to purchase for my painting class.  I remember pondering for hours.  I went from paint display to display comparing the Windsor & Newton ultra marine blue with Gamblin.  I had no idea whatContinue reading “Old Holland Oil Colors”