My favorite thing about painting is the process. I love the feeling. The mind space that is required to really be into a painting. The process is somehow difficult and relaxing, challenging and rewarding, it boosts my confidence and humbles me all at the same time. There is no other feeling like creating a beautiful painting. It’s satisfying to experience a range of emotions in a just a couple of hours by moving paint around. Sometimes I wipe all the paint off after a day or so.  I am inspired the most by everyday things and the people around me.

The process of making art for me is an act of resistance. Painting is resisting the digital imagery of a plasticized version of reality. Painting is resisting the historical representation of femininity in the art world. Making art is enjoyable. Painting is resisting struggle and suffering of humanity.


Vermont College of Fine Arts 
Studied Illustration at The School Of Visual Arts


Merit Award VCFA Visual Arts, MFA
2018 Winner of Jerry Goldstein Foundation Merit and Achievement Award


Sept. 2018 TSU Avon Gallery, Nashville, TN
Aug. 2018 Towne Centre Theatre, Brentwood, Tn
July – Aug 2018 The University Club, Nashville, TN
There is Always Another Side, Always – Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library https://www.sketchbookproject.com/library/19142


Old Holland classic oil paint
Unsweet tea
Me with a couple of my favorite humans

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