Rooted in the Western still life genre, the imagery is based on personal familial artifacts and domestic scenes. I am particularly drawn to the depiction of emptied jars and containers to construct conflicting narratives around the nature of the future while living with a present-moment, survivalist mentality. The varying lighting scenarios offer moments of beauty and illumination, but also include abstract shadows and reflections, analyzing the fleeting stability offered by the phenomena of class mobility.

The act of painting for me is often cathartic, and serves as a form of personal self-exploration. The imagery often represents the oscillation between the grueling and playful process of self-discovery within the work.


Vermont College of Fine Arts 
School Of Visual Arts, Illustration 


Merit Award VCFA Visual Arts, MFA
2018 Winner of Jerry Goldstein Foundation Merit and Achievement Award


July-August 2020 Vermont College of Fine Arts Virtual exhibition January 2020 Vermont College of Fine Arts, Monpelier, VT July 2019 Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier

Sept. 2018 TSU Avon Gallery, Nashville, TN
Aug. 2018 Towne Centre Theatre, Brentwood, Tn
July – Aug 2018 The University Club, Nashville, TN
There is Always Another Side, Always – Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library


Old Holland classic oil paint
Unsweet tea
Me with a couple of my favorite humans

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